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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

You Can Finally be Lobot for Under $250

Just look at it and imagine. You're crankin' the tunes, the phone rings, and the neural link in this bioelectronic headset automatically mutes the music and grabs the call.

Well, almost anyway. The iZon Bluetooth MP3/FM Radio/Mobile Headset w/128 MB SD Card is as close to a cyborg as you're likely to want to be anytime soon, until they team this thing up with Oakley sunglasses with LCD displays.

So let's run down what it does. It's an mp3, Windows media player, FM radio, and a Bluetooth headset that is 1.1 compliant and does Bluetooth Audio Streaming. That does not include what it does to your brains when you strap it on and crank it up.

It's compatible with:
  • Motorola: E398, E680, A768i, V501, V80, V3, V600,
    V600i, V780
  • Nokia: 6260, 6230, 6600, 6820, 7600, 7610
  • Panasonic: X11, X70, X88
  • Pantech: G800
  • Soyn Ericcson: T610, T630, Z600, K700i, P910i
  • Siemens: S65, and more....
To see what our most dedicated readers will do, I'll send $50 to the first reader that sends in a picture of themselves wearing this headset (preferrably utlizing every feature at once).

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