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Monday, August 01, 2005

100 Free MP3s at eMusic - Regularly Only $.25 Each

I forgot to share this when I signed up, but I got this URL with my RCA Lyra transmitter a while back. 100 free MP3s is not too shabby a toss-in extra, even if it does require a card to get them.

I, like many of you will, signed up 100% sure I would only stay for the trial, get my tracks and get out. However, as I've used the site and downloaded albums, I've decided to stay. $9.99 a month for 40 tracks is just too good, especially after I saw what they actually had.

I had previously thought it would be just self-released garbage like on the old mp3.com (no offense to those artists) but it's just independent labels. There are a lot of really good, and some relatively popular artists, and today I downloaded two Lilys albums I couldn't find elsewhere for less than $25 each. My total? Well, it was free, but even paying it'd have been $5 instead of $50. I'll take it.

If you like the kind of music they offer, I think eMusic is unbeatable, even without the free 100 tracks. The downloads are 192K VBR MP3s in case you're curious.

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