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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

OPPO DV971 Upconversion/Multiregion/DVI - $200

If this played backed HD formats and had a network connection, it would be perfect. For people that have no use for those features, then, it's got to be very close to perfect.

The OPPO DV971 has a DVI connector, HD upconversion via Faroudja, plays back DivX and MPEG4 formats, it can be switched to multi-region, and it's only $200. If you have a DVI capable projector or television, the word on the street is there is a substantial difference in quality over component.

Changing the Region:

1. Press Setup on remote control to access the setup page
2. Enter 9210 on the remote
3. A service menu will pop up
4. Select a region: 0- 6 in region code. 0 is all-region.
5. Press Setup on remote again to exit

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