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Friday, June 29, 2007

Enjoy the Outdoors - Speaker Planter $35

This terracotta-style planter, with a speaker in its base is only $35 at Geeks.com right now, and it looks vastly better than most of the 'rocks' with speakers in them I see around.

It can actually hold a plant in it, and has drainage as well, so enjoy the sun and get some plants going, all whilst enjoying stealth tunes. What a summer.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nice Pair for Speaker Builders - Gem Sound for $20

The Gem Sound NT-525 speaker set is a pretty great deal if you want to put together a pair of bookshelf speakers.

It comes with the matched speakers and crossovers, so it lets you concentrate on just the cabinet more or less. If you are just starting building it's kind of a nice way to go knowing the pieces will mate up reasonably well. The quality could be mixed, but Gem Sound makes a lot of sound reinforcement and DJ equipment, so it at least will probably last.

And the snazzy blue cones are bound to impress for sure.

Side note: These are intended for, and obviously could be used for automotive applications as well, and are a good deal there too.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

HP iPAQ rx5915 GPS/PDA Under $400

The HP iPAQ rx5915 receives just about every kind of signal there is outside of telephony. It's got GPS, 802.11b/g, and Bluetooth.

It's got a 3.5" touchscreen and has navigation software, Mobile Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player. It can take up to 2GB of SD for storage, and charges via its USB connector.

With a decent small Bluetooth keyboard this could be a pretty nice device, combining GPS, some web browsing, Skype, and a decent video player.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cute Little Sony Mic for $25

PhotoThis little $25 Sony Microphone for digital recorders would be pretty handy for a lot of situations.

There are a lot of MP3 players with mic inputs, and other devices with built-in mics that this would sound much better than. It's unidirectional, too, so you can target the source to some degree.

Plus look how cute it is, don't turn it away.

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Interesting iCEBOX Down to $450

PhotoThe iCEBOX (WBIBFS4B) Flipscreen Kitchen Entertainment Center is a pretty interesting piece of hardware. A 12.1" LCD touchscreen, Windows CE, a DVD player and some security and Internet features, all packed into a sort of GE SpaceSaver type of design.

Originally I believe these were North of $2000, and obviously did not take off. At $450, it becomes somewhat more appealing, and actually a little intriguing. You can plug in USB drives, you can monitor a security camera, you can watch movies, and you can browse the Internet. And then you can fold it all away. Get the keyboard greasy? Feel free to wash it.

It also has some inputs for video, an old analog style TV tuner, an FM tuner, and a remote. And it's new, not refurbished, and by far the cheapest price around.

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Keychain 8-in-1 Tool Now $10

PhotoThe Micro-Plus 8-in-1 Multi-Tool gives you 8 tools and 4 hyphens, now marked down 50% to $9.99 at ThinkGeek.

Constructed from hardened 4650 tool steel and given a black oxide finish, the tiny marvel features:

-Precision Pliers with Posi-Grip Jaws
-Phillips Screwdriver
-Flat Screwdriver
-Micro Phillips Screwdriver
-Micro Flat Screwdriver
-Wire cutter
-Wire stripper
-Sheet Shear

Some of those are a real stretch to consider a new tool, but it is small and nicely constructed. And cheap.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Samsung 16GB SSD Just Over $200

PhotoThe Samsung 16GB SSD Solid-State Drive is getting really close to $200 shipped. For extending laptop battery life or certain other applications, I think that's the point it starts getting worthwhile.

It's at Newegg, and you need coupon code "FLASHSAMS16GB" to save $50 on the drive. With shipping it's $205.

The Samsung product page is here to read more about the likely service life of the drive and the energy savings.

I think a $99 8 or 10GB would kill, but for now they're still going for a slight premium since there isn't a lot of competition. I can't wait to try one.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Perfect Bluetooth Retro Handset - $35

PhotoThe ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Hanset is just about as good as it gets.

I don't know when it arrived, but I almost bought its wired predecessor. This one, though, has everything I could ever want. Wireless connectivity, plus it is not something you leave in your ear like a walking turd.

It's $34.99 before shipping, and it's only at ThinkGeek.com. These things tend to sell out so go for it while the getting's good, yet slightly slower than me so I get one for sure.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Weekend Special - Apacer 1GB USB Drive $9 Shipped

PhotoThe Apacer Handy Steno AH221 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive is only $8.95 with free shipping this weekend.

I've had good luck with SuperMediaStore, no real feedback via email, but then in a few days the item shows up in the mail and it's great.

Anyway, if you need a few drives to not worry about losing-- here you go.


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Fun - Kill-a-Watt $20 Shipped Now

The Kill-a-Watt is now only $20 shipped from my new favorite store, SuperMediaStore.

It's a great way to kill a little time, too. I'm involved in an energy use competition right now so I need every edge I can get, my wasteful appliances won't track themselves down.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dane-Elec 4GB Meizu Media Player $105 Shipped

Meizu 4GBThe Dane-Elec 4GB Meizu MP3/MP4 Portable Media Player is only $100 and $5 shipping where? Walgreens.com, of course!

It's a nice looking media player, with a 2.4" 320x240 LCD, holds a 20 hour charge and recharges through LCD, and it plays most any common audio or video format (MP3, WMA, Ogg, XviD, etc.). It's got an aluminum body and is only 3.1"x2".

You can download the datasheet here, the reviews are all in the 4-5 stars range on the Walgreens site. Another nice touch? If you don't like it, return in to any Walgreens.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Smallest USB Drive? PQI i810 2GB $25 Shipped

The PQI i810 2GB Flash Drive is truly tiny.

The lower half 'tongue' fits into your USB port, but it also retracts. So the whole thing is smaller in area than a postage stamp.

I just got mine yesterday, and it's the first time I've even left one of these on my keychain. No more forgetting it on the road.

Only difficulty is it will go into a USB port either way, but only works one way. Making up for that is that the design of the tongue looks like Optimus Prime.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Smaller and Smaller - 2GB MicroSD + Reader $27

The Adata 2GB MicroSD Card and Reader is my next USB drive purchase. It's unreal that removable media is now small enough that the entire reader nearly fits in the USB port itself.

I already have some MicroSD (TransFlash) memory laying around, and this comes with an additional 2GB, free shipping, and a handy carrying necklace.

It's kind of crazy how much smaller media is than even Sci-Fi of 10 years ago would have guessed for the far future. It's also crazy how easy it is to lose a MicroSD card.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Ridiculously Priced Speakers - Fidek FHS-288 $20

PhotoThe Fidek FHS-288 at MCM Electronics is currently only $20 for each speaker. Details are scarce, but it appears that they have dual 8 or 10 inch woofers (I'd guess 8s by the name), and they are roughly 40 inches tall.

The shipping at MCM is by price. So you would save money by ordering them singly via ground shipping for about $7.50 each. I wouldn't normally mention something like this, but the drivers look decent, and the Fidek site looks like they make some respectable products.

These are cheap enough it might even be worth getting them and spraying them black or white instead of the wood grain.


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Friday, June 01, 2007

Best Shower Head Ever Only $3

The Alson Incredible Head Power Shower Showerhead is likely the best gadget I've purchased all year.

It has no moving parts to twist, no plastic to stain, nothing to plug. It does nothing but create a water jet and save you water. 2.5 gpm, $3, and a great rushing sound as you shower. The only thing you'll want is to make sure you wrap the pipe threads in teflon tape, as the pressure will push water through an imperfect joint.

If you have marginal water pressure you really owe it to yourself to try this out. It also looks rather nice, not exactly like the drawing since it's all stainless steel, but I like that it's so basic they didn't even photograph it.

You can thank me later.

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